Almost 40 children from social apartments were at TzubyCamp last week

Each year we organize three weekend camps for adopted or placement children and a summer camp for children in social apartments. Last week we’ve been with almost 40 institutionalized children in a camp where we followed both the emotional and behavioral development of children, as well as the sensory processing and music-therapy sessions, all through individualized interventions (one dedicated volunteer for each child). 

One of our joys was to see wonderful volunteers who took a week off from their annual leave to dedicate it to the children at TzubyCamp. The interventions were based on therapeutic interventions for children with a history of trauma aimed to increasing the capacity of recognition and management of emotions, expressing feelings through art and play, the development of their social integration capacity by assuming some basic principles (do not hurt, have respect, stay together) – requirements for the most beloved rule of the camp – “have fun”.

A big thank you to all who have contributed to make this camp possible: volunteers, individual donors, companies that supported us – financially or by providing services (such as transporting children). Without you this camp would not have existed!

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