We are celebrating 3 years of Tzuby’s Kids support groups!

3 years ago we started support groups for adoptive and foster parents at Tzuby’s Kids. We shortly realized that we need to work in parallel with the adopted children, so Paul Dîrmon, our psychologist, assessed their symptomatology and prepared therapeutic interventions in parallel with the parent support group.

During these 3 years, we had the pleasure of working with wonderful specialists such as psychologist Melinda Copaci on sensory therapy, psychologist Daniela Mitrofan for music therapy and Mirela Mihăileanu on therapeutic interventions for children with a history of trauma.

This year we had several requests to share our experience, so Paul Dîrmon is preparing a workshop on how to organize support groups that will be presented at the ARFO Summit from November 6-9 in Bucharest. We hope that sharing our best practice will help other organisations, all over Romania, in their efforts to support adoption. Moreover, this month we will support the opening of support groups in Alexandria (Teleorman).

We wish that no adoptive parent would carry his or her pain and vulnerability alone and that every adopted child will experience healing, love and stability in a family dedicated to his or her well-being.

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