Training in trauma-informed caregiving

“Tzuby’s Kids” staff have been trained as trainers in trauma-informed caregiving to enrich the lives of at-risk, vulnerable children, adolescents, and their families. Trauma can impair language, sensory processing, and coping skills, and can lead to perplexing behaviors that are often mistaken for aggression or mental illness. By changing the way abandoned children are understood and approached we aim for their emotional healing and a long term improvement on their quality of life.

Therefore, we provide the training for:

  • staff working in social apartments and state owned children residential care;
  • foster and adoptive parents;
  • families willing to take children that have experienced trauma in temporary visits or volunteering to work with such children.

This training features the work of world-renowned experts who share research that documents how consistently positive experiences with loving caregivers can re-wire a child’s brain for lasting change.