The most important event in the field of child protection and adoption in Romania getting close!

Romania Without Orphans Alliance is organising the #ARFO2019 Summit in Bucharest, Romania during November 7-9, 2019 at Crystal Palace Ballrooms.

“A family for home” is the menu that more than 50,000 children in Romania would like to order if they could. Children for whom the concepts of “family” or “home” are just beautiful dreams. The summit is a journey we will do together, at the end of which we will no longer be the same.

#ARFO2019 wants to inspire, encourage and train people working with children in difficulty in Romania. The #ARFO2019 Summit will include:

  • over 40 workshops on different topics supported by national and international experts,
  • motivational sessions, inspirational testimonies,
  • debates on child protection and adoption.

The summit will be preceded by 2 pre-conferences starting November 6 :

  • November 6-7: Training in “Trauma Competent Caregiving” – which addresses topics such as understanding trauma and its impact on the development process according to age and also presents some of the essential skills required in child care.
  • November 6-7: Training in “Case management in child protection social services” – designed for persons with attributions in case management from public and private social services, as well as social services managers.

Details and registration at

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