Attachment theory and practice

This webinar discusses how our first relationships impact our attachment style, which in turn shapes our relationship landscape for life. Participants can find about the basics of secure and insecure attachment, as well as how to encourage secure attachments or cure insecure attachments.

Three messages of encouragement

We started 5 years ago and, looking back, we have nothing to regret: over 1,000 people trained in trauma-informed caregiving, hundreds of adoptive and foster parents counselled and part of our support groups, dozens of children who are no longer in institutions but in families due to our direct support. While evaluating the effectiveness of the…

Somethimes beaurocracy helps, here is one of such case

Bureaucracy is always frustrating and seen as a time-waster (sometimes it genuinely is). But in one critical instance, it helped Teddy and Gabi Verzea to complete the adoption process with Cristi. In this video they are telling us the story of how and why they went back on their decision not to continue the adoption…

Preparing the biological child for a new adopted family member

Teddy and Gabi are adoptive parents that have been part of our support groups while in Romania and online after they moved to Germany. They continue to share their adoption story and present the perspective of preparing the biological child for adopting a new family member in the episode below:

How can I adopt a child from Romania? International adoption procedure (limited to nationals living abroad)

Romania ratified the Hague Convention on Child Protection and Cooperation in Respect of Intercountry Adoption by Law No. 84/1994. The Romanian central authority in matters relating to intercountry adoption is the National Authority for the Protection of the Rights of the Child and Adoption(NAPCRA). NAPRCA receives the intercountry adoption applications and it is the authority…