Help for Ukraine + services for children and families in Romania

The war in Ukraine has brought many changes in current operations of Romanian NGOs, with an impact on their (at least) short-term goals. However, we were pleasantly surprised by the level of involvement we see in Romania regarding all types of refugee support and we are convinced that you were not indifferent either.

Tzuby’s Kids  worked with central and local authorities when groups of unaccompanied children wanted to come to Romania and supported UBC22 in the  transport of refugees  from Palanca (border crossing between Ukraine and the Republic of Moldova) to Bucharest as well as in  the transport of food, medicines and health products  from Romania to Ukraine.

A growing need that we see is for humanitarian aid through medicines and food to support Ukrainian hospitals and local aid centers.


We provided  support groups  for adoptive and foster families,  information and counseling sessions for  future adoptive and foster parents and training  in caring for children with a history of trauma. In total we had 1,096 beneficiaries in the period January – March 2022 , as follows:

  • 60 adoptive and foster parents and  870 staff from child-protection residential services were trained  in the competent care of children with a history of trauma.
  • 82 people received information and counseling  sessions for child adoption and family placement.
  • 49  adoptive and foster parents participated, together with  35 children,  in the support groups that we started to organize, again, physically.

Do you want to support us? Here is how:

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