Adoption’s premier event, the ARFO Summit features inspirational stories and dozens of expert-led workshops

Cluj-Napoca – Nov 5, Bucharest – Nov 12, Iasi – Nov 19, Timișoara – Nov 26

The Romania Without Orphans Alliance (ARFO) organizes in November the ARFO Summit, the most important event in the field of adoption, in the cities of Cluj-Napoca, Bucharest, Iasi and Timișoara. Having reached its 9th edition, ARFO2022 represents a journey that we will make together, through motivational sessions, but also specific training in the field with over 60 workshops on different topics supported by national and international specialists.

ARFO 2022 has the motto  “Better Together”  and invites the whole society to action so that the more than 46 thousand children who do not benefit from the care and protection of their parents can see their dream come true: a permanent family dedicated to their well-being.

Elena Tudor – president of ANPDCA, secretary of state, June 2, 2022, Pitesti: ” Nothing can replace the family, regardless of the physical conditions that we can offer in a placement center, in a family-type home or with an assistant motherly, nothing can be like a real family. Let’s give the children a chance, we assure you of the full support of the authorities and we continue to rely on the support of reliable partners in civil society such as ARFO.”

The year 2021 was the record year in which more than 1600 children were adopted, the highest number of adoptions recorded in Romania in the last 20 years. The increase is largely due to the simplification of adoption procedures, but also to a change in the Romanian adoption culture, visible through the increase in the number of adoptions among children with disabilities or older children. 

Liviu Mihaileanu, president of ARFO: The fact that in the last year we had the highest number of adoptions in the last 20 years is not accidental. It is the result of many years of work in amending the legislation and its coherent implementation for which we have worked together with public authorities, parliamentarians and specialists. The results are always better when we work together: “better together”.

The events bring together over 1,000 participants: adoptive parents, foster and social workers, NGO workers, employees and directors of the DGASPC, clergy, but also parliamentarians. It will contain motivational sessions, inspiring testimonies, debates related to the possibilities of collaboration between the state and non-governmental organizations.

In the desire to inspire, encourage and the team, the summit will benefit from the presence of speakers with extensive training in the field of adoption and foster care. Among them are: Richard Procter – Main Coordinator “World Without Orphans” Europe, David Cleland – pastor, adoptive parent, Elena Tudor – president of ANPDCA, secretary of state, Liviu Mihăileanu – President of ARFO, Dr. Ana Rădulescu – Executive Director of CFCECAS, Dr. Cătălin Cîrstoveanu – Head of the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at the “Marie Curie” Hospital, Corina Caba – Founder and Director of the Casa Speranței Foundation, David Ile – President of the Provita Clinic, Loredana Lar – Primary Psychiatrist and many others.

Before the Summit, a pre-conference takes place in Cluj, Bucharest and Iași – the TBRI course (Intervention based on trust relationships) 3 days before the Summit. More details at

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