We have a problem!

We have a problem…

Over 50.000 children are abandoned in Romania. Almost 17.000 of them are placed in institutions and 93% cannot be adopted because they are not declared adoptable. The ARFO Report – an independent analysis of the Child Protection System in Romania shows that only 1.5% of the children placed in institutions are adoptable and 1 out of 5 don’t have a single chance to leave the system before they age-out.

In recent years, Romania has begun to close large orphanages. This is a step forward, but it does not address the fundamental need of children to be raised in a family. While large orphanages are being closed, many small ones are being opened. Children in these smaller institutions are cared for by rotating staff, just like in the large orphanages of the past. This approach misses the point as it fails to provide families for these children.

“Tzuby’s Kids” Association has been established as a response to this state of facts. Therefore, we are commited to:

1) support adoption and integration of children in foster families in order to shorten time spent in institutions as much as possible;
2) educate staff working with abandoned children as well as foster and adoptive parents on trauma-competent caregiving;
3) support adoptive and foster families with training, support groups and group therapy for children;
4) support legislation changes in affiliation with other similar organizations.