Step by step: our first therapeutic camp for institutionalized children

During 25-29 July 2016, within a kids’ camp organized by Anchor of Hope Romania, we had our first opportunity to implement therapeutic principles for 40 children living in state-owned social apartments. Not less than 29 volunteers applied the TBRI principles. For each volunteer, a maximum of 2 children have been assigned to interact with during the whole camp.

Results were coming up each day. Our children became more cooperative even after the first day of interaction, and, until the end of camp, we were able to see:

  • children who have conquered their fears and become more confident in what they can do;
  • children who got to behave normally even if they came with a history of violent behaviour;
  • children who expressed their feelings and emotions through arts;
  • children who have learned how good it is to work together, to live with no hurts and have respect, and that such behaviour is a prerequisite to really have fun.

Participating children are beneficiaries of residential services in Bucharest where teachers have already been trained in applying therapeutic intervention principles. In only a few months, we will make an assessment to measure progress and identify the next stages of intervention in the social apartments.

However, we do hope that, for many of them, we would have the opportunity to train not only their caregivers but also their parents, biological or foster/adoptive. This is, eventually, the place where they can find the affection, belonging and stability they so desperately need; the place where the healing process can meet its proper environment.

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