Caring for Caregivers: A Critical Component of Improving Childhood Wellbeing

Research and common knowledge both suggest that the most influential relationship in a child’s life is with his or her caregiver.  A strong caregiver relationship can limit the effects of trauma, increase a child’s confidence and independence, and empower a child to explore life from a safe base.  Therefore, caring for caregivers- and coaching them to care for themselves- may be one of the most helpful roles we can play in caring for vulnerable children.  How do we encourage them in self- care?  How do we help them cope with secondary trauma?  How do we support them in the long-term? This presentation opens the conversation around nurturing and caring for caregivers domestically and around the world.  It. will center around practical tools for supporting caregivers to increase their health, and ultimately to optimize the wellbeing of the children they care for.

This is the seventh module in the CAFO Knowledge + Practice webinar series,  which translates research into actionable information that OVC care practitioners can implement immediately to elevate the quality of the care they provide.

About the presenter:  
jayneJayne is recognized internationally as a speaker, trainer, and author working with Back2Back Ministries in Ohio.  She is the primary author in their training curriculum, Trauma Competent Caregiving, a nine modules training series.  Jayne is author of 8 books, including her recent publications, “Wounded Children, Healing Homes,” and “Parenting in Transracial Adoption.”  Jayne and her husband David are parents both by birth and adoption and grandparents of 4.

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