Over 1,000 people were challenged in Bucharest: “You can also offer a family for a child!”

More than 1,000 people came to the Youth Park on the occasion of 15 May – International Family Day – and attended a series of workshops for children and parents alike as painting, string-art, origami, archery, health exhibition, and a „PhotoBooth” where they could take their family photo in a nice, natural environment. Starting at 19.00, the New Levites band held a concert of Gospel music.

To discover the impact of early neglect, Harvard University has developed in Bucharest, a study for 12 years which followed 136 children abandoned. Research suggests that the trauma of abandonment is not only psychologically but it causes serious damage to the brain. One of the surprising conclusions of the report was that children having the chance to be placed with a family were able to regenerate missing connections, and the brain re-started its biological development compared to the ones living in social apartments and other residential facilities. Unfortunately, tens of thousands of children are still living in institutions in Romania.

The event was organized by “Tzuby’s Kids” and AMiCUS Student Association, in partnership with Bucharest City Hall.

Photos from the event:

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