What is most needed by an adoptive parent?

We’ve recently had a camp for foster and adoptive parents in a secluded and picturesque settlement in Arges County. During this camp we were able to go into details concerning the competent care of children with a history of trauma. Participating families shared their experiences and we all left the camp enriched and refreshed.

While each of the participating families was in a different stage of the adoption process and they had different professional and personal backgrounds, all of them underlined one thing: the greatest need of adoptive parents is the support and deeper relationships with families with similar experiences, as well as specialized training and meetings with specialists to answer questions regarding the challenges they face as foster and adoptive parents.

For this reason, “Tzuby’s Kids” Association is working towards licensing for counselling and support to foster and adoptive families and their children. As for training sessions … we have a big surprise that we will reveal soon!

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