The art & play therapy intervention project continues during the summer, in parallel with our support groups

One of the projects closest to our hearts is the art & play therapy project for children who have been abused, severely neglected and/or abandoned. We are pleased to announce that it continues during the summer and, whenever possible, we organise the sessions as outdoor activities.

The link between art and psycho-emotional health has been scientifically acknowledged towards the end of the nineteenth century. Among the results we are targeting through this project are:

  • understanding emotions and increasing relational capacity,
  • improving attention and concentration skills, lowering tension and frustration,
  • developing communication and expression capacities, developing creative imagination,
  • the ability to overcome fears and phobias.

Along with children’s sessions, adoptive or foster parents are attending support groups where we learn how to effectively manage difficult interactions.

For details please follow the Events section of our facebook page


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