Circle of Security training – delivered online for the first time by Tzuby’s Kids Training Academy

Starting today, we started a new Circle of Security training session for parents and future parents, but, for the first time… online!

The program focuses on parent-child interaction, based on the theory of attachment described by John Bowlby. It is developed by Kent Hoffman, Glen Copper and Bert Powell, three of the initiators of the internationally recognized project “Circle of Security” and it is delivered by Paul Dîrmon, accredited psychologist from Tzuby’s Kids .

The program helps us to understand ourselves, first of all, as adults, and it helps us to be more aware of our own behavior and reactions. By understanding ourselves, it will be easier for us to meet the needs of our children.

Today it was the first of  8 online meetings  with a frequency of two meetings per week. During this training we use video support based on which we discuss, we follow real case studies, with real difficulties in the parent-child relationship.

#everychildmatters #competentcaregiving

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