How did Tzuby’s Kids react to #COVID-19 crisis?

The safety of our beneficiaries comes first. For this reason, starting March 12, we suspended all collective activities (support groups, on-site training, group therapy) and we started to offer our services online.

Thus, throughout this period:

  • we conducted information and counseling sessions online and prepared to transfer our support groups into the virtual environment;
  • we started the #isolated but #NOTalone campaign and
  • we started to connect 1 on 1 with our beneficiaries in order to find ways of meeting their needs, in some cases very serious;
  • this Saturday we had the first online support group meeting and we decided to increase their frequency during # COVID-19.

Nevertheless, we have used our facebook page, website and youtube channel in order to provide information to help for the resilience of families with children during this period, such as answers to the question “What happens to children whose parents are hospitalized because of # COVID-19” and “WWO Parenting Guide (World Without Orphans)” in Romanian.

Depending on how long this crisis will continue, we may need to redesign some of our services and processes. We’ll do our best to help our beneficiaries as much as possible and ensure continuance.

Thank you for your support!

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