5 years of Tzuby’s Kids. How it all started…

This year is the 5th anniversary of Tzuby’s Kids and it all started with a child’s need of having a family. Then we saw the same need in over 50,000 children from Romania and we realized we have to build a platform to help the integration of these children in families.

After 5 years, we have hundreds of people informed and counselled for adoption and foster care, over 1,000 people trained in trauma-informed caregiving, over 100 parents attending our support groups and 100 children benefiting from our therapeutic intervention program, multiple therapeutic camps delivered each year and over 70 amazing volunteers supporting our services.

All this can be done with the support of people like you:
Thank You for making it happen!

We are grateful for the development and looking forward to seeing as many of these children in loving families over the next years. Below you may see part of the story of our beginnings, with English subtitles (many thanks to our friends from PwC for the clip).

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