We are preparing a group of trainers from Romania and the Republic of Moldova in TCC (Trauma-Competent Caregiving) so that quality information on intervention techniques for abused, neglected or abandoned children would reach those in need of help.

We are glad that these days we’ve been hosting the ARFO trainers program for Trauma Competent Caregiving (TCC), one of the best programs in the field. The trainers will also prepare specialists and adoptive / foster parents from Romania and the Republic of Moldova to work with children with trauma history. We wish them much success!

Since 2015, the Tzuby’s Kids Association is a member of the Trauma Consortium of the Romania Without Orphan Alliance (ARFO), and in 2017 we have opened a Training Academy for the competent care of children with a history of trauma. By the end of last year, over 800 people had been trained in these programs and are offering better care for children in need.

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