PwC employees have today prepared 40 gifts for underprivileged children. Children’s letters were most emotional.

It all started at the initiative of PwC Romania employees who wanted to get involved in the lives of children in a relevant way.

Following discussions with Bucharest Child Protection System, we asked our PwC friends to prepare gifts for the benefit of prevention services, less visible than children in orphanages, but in strong need of support.

Each child wrote a letter expressing their wish for the Christmas gift, most of which included shoes, clothing, or other necessity. “The children’s letters were most emotional, some of them wrote to us not only about their desires but also about their pains,” one of the employees told us.

Thus, the Tzubitzi Minibus was used today as a sled with reindeers for children. Their joy can not be described so we leave you some pictures.

We thank our friends from PwC Romania for their involvement and many thank to Bucharest CPS for the collaboration. We want these actions to continue throughout the year, so that none of these children end up in orphanages.

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