Book launch event: “Tudor – a story about adoption”

“Tzuby’s Kids” Association, in partnership with the Students for Life Association and Romania Without Orphans Alliance, will launch on 2 June 2017, on the occasion of the National Day of Adoption, the book “Tudor – A Story of Adoption” written by Veronica Iani .

The book is a useful tool for adoptive parents to explain the adoption of children’s language, and the moment of reading the book by the author herself will be live on starting at 11:00AM.

“Unfortunately, parents often prefer not to talk to adopted children about their past, which causes imbalances at older ages. Veronica Iani’s book gives adoptive parents a good opportunity to introduce adoption into the children’s life in a positive way, “said Mirela Mihăileanu, Director of “Tzuby’s Kids” Association.

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that an adopted child learn about his or her adoption from the moment (s)he develops the ability to understand menings, i.e. from the age of 2 years. Introducing the word “adopted” into the vocabulary brings the notion into the normality of life, and studies show that these children are more stable from a psychological and an emotionally point of view and they are more prepared to assume their past. “Transmitting a positive message of adoption and introducing the concept of birth into the heart, the fact that a child is a special gift from above are the central themes of the book,” said Veronica Iani.

veronica iani

Veronica Iani became a beloved author of children’s books illustrated with her own drawings. “Tudor – a story about adoption” is the fourth book written by the author, after “Bebe – a story from the womb”, “Ioana – a story about Down Syndrome” and “Waiting for Bebe” coloring book. Her sensitive and creative style captivates children and helps them understand menings that are sometimes difficult for adults to understand.

Mrs. Veronica Iani’s books can be ordered online from

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