We’ve started the Training Academy!

As you may already know, the end of 2016, the idea of a Training Academy for trauma-competent caregivers began to take shape.

Why was a Training Academy needed?

  • On the one hand, there was a need for holistic training, both in trauma-informed care and parenting. In order to have successful integrations and contribute effectively to heal abandoned children, adoptive or foster families also need to have a healthy relationship of their own.
  • On the other hand, training for caregivers in residential facilities is a specialized area for which solutions are individualized depending on the dynamics of the facility they work in.

In this regard, “Tzuby’s Kids” has jut finished setting up a training facility in Bucharest at the highest standards. The Training Academy has already started contributing to improving the quality of life for many children.

On behalf of all the children that will be impacted by their contributions, we would like to say a big “Thank you!” to all our sponsors that have made this possible.

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