Donations opportunity for Tzuby’s Kids Training Academy

The project we are raising funds for is a trauma-informed Academy for caregivers from public institutions, foster and adoptive parents, as well as volunteers working with children with a history of trauma.

Last year we offered introductory sessions in trauma-informed caregiving to over 350 caregivers, volunteers, adoptive and foster parents.

The training sessions have been delivered by accredited trainers specialized in Trust-Based Relational Intervention®, a proven method to help children with a history of trauma developed by Dr. Karyn B. Purvis and Dr. David R. Cross in the TCU Institute of Child Development.

In order to make a donation, please click on the button “Donează” from Tzuby’s Kids project page. Please note the amount entered there is in local currency (1 EUR = 4.5 RON).

Once you fill in the form above and click “Doneaza”, you will be directed to a secured transaction page from EuroPayment Services ( where you can switch to English as per below:


You can pay with any Visa or Mastercard credit or debit cards and there are no commissions involved on your side or ours.

Thank you!

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