An emotional evening for 30 prospective adoptive parents, volunteers and specialists


Yesterday evening we had the opportunity to meet not less than 30 prospective adoptive parents, volunteers working with abandoned children and specialists. We saw excitement and genuine interest in this introductory session of TBRI (Trust-Based Relational Intervention®) as well as a strong desire to help the healing process of children experiencing abandonment, neglect or abuse.

Trauma concepts were presented to better understand the examples of intervention given to the participants. They were complemented by the practical experience of Alexandru Ilie, executive director of the Alliance “Romania Without Orphans”, who adopted four children considered “hard to adopt”. Participants had the opportunity to find answers to the difficulties encountered in the integration process and lessons learned as a result of his experience.

We would like to thank our participants and all those who support our activities. We want to continue these sessions periodically and, thereafter, begin the extended version of TBRI (Trust-Based Relational Intervention). This method is based on the expertise of internationally renowned specialists who have placed their research at our disposal to help parents and care givers dealing with children with a history of trauma. TBRI proves to be a wonderful opportunity to acquiring the skills needed for the emotional recovery of these children.

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