The “Second Mother” Conference: an evening of connection, personal stories, resources, questions and answers

On Tuesday, we started in Bucharest the “Second Mother” conference series organized by the Romania Without Orphans Alliance. It was an evening of connection, personal stories, resources, questions and answers.

When a child miraculously loses his biological mother, God sensitizes the heart of another woman who becomes a second mother. She loves him, takes care of him, banishes his nightmares and shares his dreams, puts him to bed every night because even though she came into his life later, she is a real mother.

“I would start over without hesitation, I’m sorry I didn’t adopt sooner,” said Simona Bunescu, the adoptive mother of a child with special needs.

The special guest of the evening was Jodi Tucker, international director of the “Orphan Sunday” program within the Christian Alliance for Orphans, Founder and President of the women’s community called “Pharaoh’s Daughters” and member of the global facilitator team World Without Orphans. Jodi’s experience includes both national and international adoption, and she co-authored the book “Put on Your Belt: 10 Things You Need to Know About Adopting Older Children.”

“Regardless of the age at which the child comes home, even if he is a teenager, look at him as a newborn from the point of view of psycho-affective integration. He won’t think you love him, especially when he’s doing something wrong, ” said Jody Tucker during the Q&A session.

The event continues in the following days with conferences in Oradea, Cluj-Napoca, Iasi and Chisinau.

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