Three messages of encouragement

We started 5 years ago and, looking back, we have nothing to regret: over 1,000 people trained in trauma-informed caregiving, hundreds of adoptive and foster parents counselled and part of our support groups, dozens of children who are no longer in institutions but in families due to our direct support.

While evaluating the effectiveness of the association, we received, in just a few days, three messages confirming that each effort was well worth it and we wanted to share them with you:

  • Hello. Today we talked to our colleagues and we remembered your efforts to make changes regarding the foster care legislation. We wanted to thank you because now we have the legal basis to place children in families. The steps you have taken during the last years are bringing today joy to adults and protect the best interests of children. Thank you!!! (Message received from a Child Protection System case manager following the removal of restrictions on family placement – lawsuit won against the Ministry of Labor at the High Court of Justice which became law as of April this year).
  • Hello, I’m back with good news: we managed to get a birth certificate for our little boy. Thank you for your support, you were the only people who encouraged us and gave us the information we needed so much! (Message received from a family that we counselled in recent years and who were coming from a long distance to our support groups).
  • Last year you helped us, and you gave us the confidence that we can do it. Today we are parents and I thank God that we met. You build families who didn’t even know they could exist. The girls are wonderful, and we all blossomed! (Family counseled during the last year, their children are now in foster care with their adoption procedure opened).

Following our evaluation, we have made plans for the future that will bring the services closer to … nature, but we will provide more details about it in the near future.

Thank you for your support. It makes all these happen!

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