Tzuby’s Kids 2019: a retrospective look

If we were to summarize what 2019 meant for Tzuby’s Kids, we could summarize it as follows:

  • 326 trained persons (thus exceeding 1,000 trained persons since we activate),
  • we’ve had 48 children in the therapeutic intervention program,
  • 50 people were counseled for adoption,
  • 57 adoptive and placement parents participated in the support groups throughout the year,
  • we’ve had 76 absolutely fantastic volunteers out of which 26 were constantly involved in 9 state social apartments, and
  • 87 children participated in at least one of the 4 camps we organized during the year. Almost half of them come from the social apartments we work with.

Thank you for joining us this year. Here you will find a detailed report on the above and many other activities carried out throughout the year.

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