A collaboration that makes history: we’ve partnered to identify and monitor children diagnosed with severe medical issues at risk of abandonment or abandoned in maternity

When “Inima Copiilor” proposed us to participate in this project, we stress-tested the idea. After two hours we came to the conclusion that such a project could write history.

Children abandoned in a maternity hospital with severe illness do not always benefit from the same level of medical priority and, if transferred to specialized medical intervention, their situation from the perspective of social protection suffers. The fact that we still have six-month-old children who can not be buried for lack of ID number says a lot.

Throughout the social intervention process, from getting the ID number until the child is placed in a family trained to take care of children with medical conditions and recent surgeries, the intervention requires an integrated service concept. We are glad to find not only openness but unconditional involvement from all partners in the project:

  • Association “The Heart of Children”
  • Clinical Emergency Hospital for Children “Maria S. Curie”
  • General Directorate for Social Assistance and Child Protection Sector 4
  • Tzuby’s Kids Association
  • Anchor of Hope Association

This is a pilot project aimed at identifying and monitoring children diagnosed with serious medical conditions at risk of abandoning or leaving maternity. The expected outcome is an effective care model that facilitates rapid intervention and an integrated approach that can be extended at national level.

protocol colaborare dgaspc S4

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