The most important need of a child

Last week we’ve been in a summer camp for abandoned children from Bucharest, Romania. At first sight, it was a fantastic time for kids. Games, good laugh, songs, jumpers and swimming pools, they have all contributed to a week full of joy.

The weather was wonderful and the sunsets just amazing. After sunset, the kids would go to sleep. We thought the laugh will continue until they would fall asleep but we’ve discovered it was not like that. Once the night came, the deepness of sorrow from within would make them cry. Some of them were crying for the mother that is still visiting them a few times a year. Others were crying for a person they’ve developed attachment to and were asking for that person to take them “home”.

We have been created to experience family life. Whenever this is destroyed, the effect on a child’s souls is tremendous. Such trauma can impair language, sensory processing, and coping skills. Sometimes it even leads to perplexing behaviours that are often mistaken for aggression or mental illness.

Their only chance to experience real healing is to become sons and daughters rather than statistics. This is why “Tzuby’s Kids” exists. We’ve started the accreditation process to offer social services in the field of child protection – integrating children in foster families or re-integrate them in biological families. We aim to shorten the time they spend in institutions as much as possible so they can benefit of the love and support they can only get within a family.

Thank you for your kind support and consideration!

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