Urgent information for Ucrainians – ТЕРМІНОВА ІНФОРМАЦІЯ ДЛЯ УКРАЇНЦІВ

Are you in danger in Ukraine?

Find out how you can get to Romania and be protected!

There are 2 ways to get to Romania:

1. The legal option – as if there were no war in Ukraine. You need a valid passport, a visa for citizens who cannot enter only with a Romanian passport (if you do not have a biometric passport, you need a visa), a power of attorney for minors. In this case, your presence in Romania is legally registered – not as a refugee (you can live in Romania for 3 months).

You can travel to other countries – as a tourist in Romania. If you are a NON EU citizen, the same provisions apply – if you enter legally, you need a visa to enter Romania. 

If you have already entered Romania legally, you can apply for asylum (method 2 below).

2. Asylum Request: asking for the protection of the Romanian state, based on the International Convention on Refugees. You can apply for asylum only at the Romanian Border Crossing Point or once you have arrived in Romania. If you apply for asylum, then you must hand in your passport – you cannot travel to another country and you must wait for the Romanian state’s response.

You can live for free in one of the 6 asylum centers in Romania (Suceava, Maramures, Bucharest, Galati, Giurgiu or Timisoara). You will be assisted by the Romanian authorities. Don’t have high expectations – the conditions aren’t great – but you’re safe.

Asylum Centers at the border with Ukraine

  1. Regional Center for Procedures and Accommodation for Asylum Seekers Rădăuți 

Address: 2 Perilor Street, Rădăuți, SUCEAVA County

 Phone 0230–564462, 0230-564463

  1. Regional Center for Asylum Seekers Procedures and Accommodation Maramureș 

Address: 1 A Cetătii Street, Somcuta Mare, Maramureș 

Phone/Fax: 0262-280004

If you choose to stay with your family or in a hotel in Romania, you must show up when you are called to the asylum center. You need a lease contract for the asylum seeker document, in order to show that you have a place to legally live in Romania.

3. General humanitarian visa for all Ukrainians – NOT YET VALID. The Romanian state can offer temporary protection for all Ukrainians, especially if it is decided at a European level.

We provide important information for Ukrainians seeking the protection of the Romanian state and we assist families with vulnerable children who are already arriving from Ukraine to Romania:

 ✅Call – Center (on WhatsApp) for asylum information and information for Ukrainians (English, Russian and Ukrainian). +4.0765.861.888 – LOGS Timisoara✅Call – Center for social and psychological counseling for Ukrainians who have already taken refuge in Romania +40 745 139 747 – ASproAS Romania

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