We need a minibus for Tzubitsi – would you like to contribute?

“The Tzubitsi” are the reason we exist: children living in orphanages, social apartments, or in need for family integration support either in foster or adoptive families. They have all been abused, severely neglected and/or abandoned therefore we support them with emotional and behavioral development, sensory processing, and therapeutic interventions through art and play. 

The development of our activities has shown us the need to purchase a minibus that transports people and materials to camps and outdoor activities.

What is the need?

The cost of a second-hand minibus is approximately € 14,000. We have already commissioned EUR 3,000 and have launched a fundraising project on BursaBinelui – a fundraising platform developed by BCR – Erste Bank.

How can you support us?

  1. You can donate online, secured and free of charge through the BCR – Erste Bank platform. The maximum amount per transaction is RON 1,000 (aprox. Eur 217) and there are no commissions involved on your side or oursIn case you want to donate more than Eur 217, you can make multiple transactions: 

    Step 1: Go to our fundraising page and click on the button “Donează” (Donate)

    • Step 2: Fill in the initial form as per below:
      Click on “Donează” (Donate)
    • Step 3: Choose your preferred language and fill in the card processing details (the platform has been selected by BCR – Erste Bank as highly secured and compliant to international standards)
      Step 4: Re-do Steps 1-3 in case you wish to donate more (optional).
      Thank you!
  2. You can send a donation via PayPal mentioning “minibus donation” in the comments box (PayPal will charge taxes on our end)
  3. You can send a donation in Romanian currency (RON) to our account mentioning “minibus donation” :
    TZUBYs KIDS Association 
    CIF: 34573800
    Account RON: RO31INGB0000999905075199
    Opened at ING Bank – Bucharest Branch

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