Welcome on board, Anca!

Anca Vlăsceanu recently joined “Tzuby’s Kids” team as a Senior Social Assistant.

foto ancaWhen we first met Anca, we discovered that two years ago she began to think, together with her husband, how would it be like to work towards the integration of abandoned children in families without going through alternative residential solutions. Afterwards, she wrote a project that fits strikingly with our goals as an Association.

Their family is currently in the process of receiving a little girl whose greatest desire for Christmas was to have a mother. God has heard the prayers of this child and we hope to help as many children as possible to have this kind of prayers fulfilled.

Besides a dedicated heart, Anca comes with a considerable experience in the areas where our Association has a great need. She began working as a social assistant 14 years ago on evaluating professional care givers, assisting children in their relationship with the foster family and public authorities, as well as counseling biological families for the purpose of reintegration. Her expertise in working with foster families and abandonment prevention is complemented by the last 5 years of her professional experience when she coordinated a multidisciplinary team within a counseling center.

Anca will have the opportunity to share her experience in the workshop “How to identify and how to prepare the right family for every child” held at the Summit organised by the Alliance Romania Without Orphans in Cluj, between November 5-7, 2015. The workshop will include an interactive section and two case studies highlighting the need for assessment and training of the persons / families taking children in foster care.

It is a delight to have her on board and we wish her all the best!

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